• Tutorial, the Export Check-Up, the Ideal Market, the KPIs

    Before moving into foreign markets, it is advisable to carefully evaluate your company in order to identify in advance all those critical issues capable of undermining the growth process across borders. It is not at all easy and automatic to select one or more foreign target markets, but the data can help us in the screening process. Identifying and measuring your KPIs can be crucial in the phases of entering a foreign market, where the company and its offering are not yet known.
  • Export Tutorial, Growing in Foreign Markets

    In these days of profound uncertainty we must try to maintain clarity and look to the future with confidence. Those who do business and have never exported can start training and when everything is finished, start applying what they have learned in practice. Opening up to foreign markets is a process that requires time, consistency and knowledge. With a series of tutorials, we will try to answer many simple questions that entrepreneurs ask themselves every time they look at development across borders.
  • Export Tutorial, Editing the Export Plan

    Let's focus on drafting the most important document for those who undertake a journey across the border. The Export Plan contains a lot of information and notes which will be of fundamental importance in charting the path ahead. By its nature it is not a rigid document, indeed its continuous updating is necessary to correct the aim and to redesign the short and medium-long term objectives.