Export Tutorial, Editing the Export Plan

Let's focus on drafting the most important document for those who undertake a journey across the border. The Export Plan contains a lot of information and notes which will be of fundamental importance in charting the path ahead. By its nature it is not a rigid document, indeed its continuous updating is necessary to correct the aim and to redesign the short and medium-long term objectives.


Moving blindly into foreign markets is certainly not advisable. The internationalization process is something that must be approached with clarity, attention and care in every single detail. To do this, it is advisable to write down in a document all the information most useful for the project you want to undertake across the border. There is no pre-arranged scheme, everyone can draw it up as they want, giving more or less space to what they consider essential and necessary to delve into.

Remember that collecting and being guided by data and information is a job in itself. It requires time and dedication. Furthermore, the quality of the sources is essential. Having unreliable ones would be like cooking a recipe for an important occasion with the wrong ingredients. Sometimes just one inappropriate item is enough to ruin a meal that should have been special.

The Export Plan is that file, agenda, or notebook in which we collect all the elements of our puzzle. We note down research, notes, studies, insights, projections, simulations, hopes, dreams and objectives.

The Export Plan can become that diary that will accompany us throughout the internationalization process. It doesn't stay locked in a drawer. It does not remain unchanged, it changes and modifies over time, because what we have thought almost never corresponds to what we create and achieve in terms of objectives. Above all, the timing, even the most prudent ones, risk being constantly revised and updated because the interferences along the way are sometimes unpredictable (alas, we are experiencing this in these dramatic days).