Stable Organization Lesson

Stable Organization Lesson

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The permanent establishment, as established by the Consolidated Law, is necessary to understand the taxation of a company: where it must take place, or in which country, and in what manner. Double tax treaties and international conventions help to better understand these elements for both individuals and businesses. 

Transfer pricing is equally important, but reserved for already more internationalized groups. Correct documentation and management of the intragroup transfer of goods and services allows you to avoid incurring very high penalties.

At the end of the lesson you will be provided with a Certificate of participation.

Presentation of the Lesson

Presentation of the Teacher


- Introduction;

- Forms of Permanent Establishment;

- How to Determine Income;

- Transfer Pricing;


The lesson is aimed at:

- Export managers and commercial managers who intend to develop or strengthen skills relating to internationalization processes;

- Managers and Professionals who operate in the export area or who, despite not covering any role in this function, wish to know the dynamics of international sales;

- Business consultants who wish to grow professionally on Made in Italy issues.