Tax Residency Lesson

Tax Residency Lesson

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Tax residence it is one of the fundamental principles of the Italian tax system. With residence, the country where the taxpayer must declare his income is also established, wherever it is received.

In fact, all the tax systems of the most advanced countries provide different rules depending on whether the income is received by a person resident rather than from a non-resident. For this reason, transfer residence tax it is a delicate operation that must be carried out with particular attention, under penalty of very high fines for the individual or company.

For this reason, it is useful to know how our tax system works based on whether or not an individual resides.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance.

Presentation of the Lesson

Presentation of the Teacher


- What is tax residency;

- Criteria for tax residency;

- The center of business and interests;

- Proof of tax residence;

- Non-resident;

- Taxation for businesses


The lesson is aimed at:

  • Export managers and commercial managers who intend to develop or strengthen skills relating to internationalization processes;
  • Managers and Professionals who operate in the export area or who, despite not covering any role in this function, wish to know the dynamics of international sales;
  • Business consultants who wish to grow professionally on Made in Italy issues.