International Distribution Contracts Lesson

International Distribution Contracts Lesson

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Exporting through a foreign distributor is one of the main methods of exporting, especially if it is a new foreign market. In this regard, it is essential to know how the contractual foundations of a working relationship between manufacturer and distributor should be established. 

How to negotiate a international distribution contract, establish the duration of the agreement, define theexclusive, The non competition agreement they commercial objectives; how to manage the notice period for withdrawal and establish the correct methods of dispute resolution, are just some of the topics necessary to cover in the international distribution contract.

In these lessons, all these topics will be illustrated and suggestions provided through the example of a famous case of dispute between distributor and manufacturer: the "Nike" case.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance.

Presentation of the Lesson 

Presentation of the Teacher


- What is the distribution contract;

- Who is the distributor;

- Form of the distribution contract;

- Supply Chain;

- Role of the consultant;

- Possible litigation - the "Nike" case;

- Management of the notice period;

- Objectives and Minimums;

- Ownership of trademarks;

- Severance indemnity.


The lesson is aimed at:

- Export managers and commercial managers who intend to develop or strengthen skills relating to internationalization processes;

- Managers and Professionals who operate in the export area or who, despite not covering any role in this function, wish to know the dynamics of international sales;

- Business consultants who wish to grow professionally on Made in Italy issues.