Lezione AEO - Authorized Economic Operator

Lezione AEO - Authorized Economic Operator

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In an internationalization process, knowledge of the customs aspect, the related regulatory framework and the certifications relating to this area is very important. In this regard, we will talk about AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), a certification of reliability and solvency which attributes the status of Authorized Economic Operator, valid throughout the EU customs territory.

We will therefore deal in detail with the AEO, the direct and indirect benefits deriving from this certification and the steps to follow to obtain it.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance.

Presentation of the Lesson


Presentation of the Teacher  




- Definition of AEO - Authorized Economic Operator;

- The Direct Advantages of the AEO;

- The indirect advantages of the AEO;

- The Necessary Requirements for AEO Status;

- The Customs Audit and the two Phases;

- Regulatory References;

- Conclusions.


The lesson is aimed at:

  • Export managers and commercial managers who intend to develop or strengthen skills relating to internationalization processes;
  • Managers and Professionals who operate in the export area or who, despite not covering any role in this function, wish to know the dynamics of international sales;
  • Business consultants who wish to grow professionally on Made in Italy issues.