Direct Investments in China Lesson

Direct Investments in China Lesson

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The Chinese economy appears to be very attractive for Italian companies, however it is necessary to find the right corporate form and trusted partners for establish an entity in the People's Republic of China. The dizzying increase in its economy and trade has meant that the regulations concerning Special Economic Zones and the types of corporate entities have changed over time, moving ever closer to Western models.

For this reason, in this lesson the main types of presence in China and specifically the Joint Venture will be illustrated, in order to provide those approaching this market with a broader panorama of the possibilities of entering the market.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance.

Presentation of the Lesson

Presentation of the Teacher


- Types of Presence in China;

- Joint Venture;

- Joint Venture Agreement;

- The partners;

- Dispute Resolution.


The lesson is aimed at:

- Export managers and commercial managers who intend to develop or strengthen skills relating to internationalization processes;

- Managers and Professionals who operate in the export area or who, despite not covering any role in this function, wish to know the dynamics of international sales;

- Business consultants who wish to grow professionally on Made in Italy issues.