International Tax Law Lesson

International Tax Law Lesson

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One of the fundamental aspects of corporate internationalization is international tax law. Tax law, if studied carefully, allows the company that expands globally to apply the legislation and the different directives suited to the individual case. In this way, the company is prevented from being taxed incorrectly, punishable by fines and more, or higher. 

Foreign trade experts and Italian SMEs must know what the relevant regulations are and what they provide in the field of tax planning, even before arriving on international markets.

This lesson aims to provide targeted guidance to professionals and businesses regarding correct tax planning, the basis of an international business strategy.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance.

Presentation of the Lesson

Presentation of the Teacher


In this lesson we will talk about:

  1. Introduction to International Tax Law;
  2. The Sources of International Tax Law;
  3. The Patrimonial Norms;
  4. International Conventions and Agreements;
  5. Community regulations;
  6. The Mother - Daughter Directive;
  7. The Interest and Royalties Directive;
  8. The DAC Directive 6.

The lesson is aimed at:

  • Accountants and Lawyers;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Export Manager;
  • Consultants.